All Island Massage
Relieving clients stress through massage therapy leaves peace & ease on their face & a smile on mine

All Island Massage & Skincare Modality Descriptions

Massage Therapy

All Island Massage offers various therapeutic massage techniques and session durations half hour treatments of upper body or targeted area, One hour treatments, a head to toe treatment, One and a half hour treatments allow ample time for a full body treatment with focus on areas of injury or discomfort, as needed. Each treatment  is applied professionally with proper draping throughout treatment, in accordance with the highest standard of massage therapy etiquette, set by New York State Professional Licensing Board of Education. 

 Swedish Massage

A classic technique, perfect for relieving tension, soothing aching muscles, calming the mind, and improving flexibility. A combination of smooth gliding strokes with kneading rhythmic movements and light stretching, creates a profound sense of relaxation and well being. An excellent choice for those who seek to relax and unwind while also relieving muscle pain and tension, by increasing circulation, eliminating toxins from muscle tissue, reducing stress and encouraging greater flexibility.  

 Deep Tissue

This massage technique releases the chronic patterns of tension throughout the body.  Using slow strokes and deep finger pressure  applied to muscles when needed, it works best on targeted areas, not full body. A more intensive type of massage combining Swedish to warm muscles, with deeper finger pressure and body repositioning to work deeper lying muscle tissue. This specific deep tissue work is good for athletes, chronic pain sufferers and those rehabilitating a soft tissue injury. This modality is not recommended for 1st time massage clients, but can gradually be added to a steady treatment program of massage therapy.

 Trigger Point Compression

A technique added to any massage treatment when tension is found within a muscle that does not release with traditional massage strokes. This technique is a gradual pressure slowly applied to release lactic acid, spasm, or tension. This is a complimentary massage technique used in conjunction with various warming massage strokes, to release tension during treatment. 

 Myofascial Release Technique 

A highly effective technique that enhances and guides the body’s ability to heal itself. Fascia surrounds every individual muscle in the body,a sleeve encasing every muscle with the strength to support muscle function, but has the ability to restrict range of motion when inflamed or irritated.  A slow sustained pressure and passive movements of the body allow adhesion and pain patterns to be released, freeing your muscles to function smoothly through range of motion. This technique can be added to any massage to help enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. 

 Sports/Medical Massage

Treatment is usually focused on one area of the body or muscle group to help enhance athletic performance or improve the well being and functionality of the body after injury or illness. Sports and medical massage is a combination of stretches and traditional massage strokes, combining all the previous mentioned techniques, as needed. This massage is helpful for clients who are athletic and need to maintain loose flexible muscles and for those who are injured from activity, accidents or life’s little mishaps. This technique is used to assist in muscle re-education, reduction of inflammation, and injury prevention.These massage techniques can be applied conjointly during your treatment, giving you the client the best possible massage therapy service.  

At All Island Massage the client is given the best opportunity to relax, decrease muscle tension and improve postural alignment by lengthening muscle tissue and increasing circulation; breaking down adhesions, muscle spasm, and tension held within the body.  Each treatment will be customized to the clients need to relax, decrease muscle tension, and disengage muscle spasm.  If injured, great attention is paid to areas of injury, misalignment, or ailment when present. 


A soothing pressure point treatment that works the reflexes; a map of the organs on the hands and feet, which correspond to specific points in the body.  Based in theory that all body parts are associated with reflex zones, and manipulating these reflex zones, changes are induced in corresponding body parts. A rejuvenating treatment of the feet and hands that affects the entire body inside and out, improves circulation, increase relaxation and brings balance through natural self-healing.  One hour and half hour sessions are available

 Prenatal Massage

A gentle massage helps ease the aches and pains that can accompany the beautiful changes of the pregnant body. Prenatal massage treatment relaxes and improves posture, benefits both mother and baby by reducing stress and musculoskeletal pain often experienced during the many changes of the prenatal process. Helps reduce neck and back pain; combats tension, fatigue, headaches, and prepares muscles and joints for a healthier labor and birth.

 European Facial

Our facial treatments are accommodating to every clients skin type & condition. A skin evaluation and your desired outcome of your facial treatment is how we decide what product and treatment plan to use during your facial treatment. The process of an hour facial includes cleansing, exfoliation and manual extractions, facial massage, treatment mask and facial moisturizing.  This is a very relaxing service, which leaves your skin primed & glowing for a bright future.  Clients benefit from regular facial treatment, as it provides hydration, balances oily skin and educates the client in daily cleansing regimens and how to avoid skin irritants and of proper product use. 

 Custom Facial

A peel is applied to enhance your natural beauty, by balancing your skin tone, diminishing pigment imbalances and firming your skin. A wonderful touch to an hour Facial, the process of our European facial treatment is applied with an addition of a custom peel to enrich your skin. 


Is a process of removing unwanted hair from the face and body. With regular waxing treatments, unwanted hair thins and regrowth slows, ingrown hairs diminish.  A warm wax is applied to your skin and removed with a muslin strip to remove the hairs from the follicle, leaving you with smooth skin. Leaving you razor free for all occasions.